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In general, there are two (2) types of unusual weather conditions which may occur and for which extraordinary precaution should be taken: Severe thunderstorm activity and tornados.

Severe Thunderstorm Activity

Local weather service will issue advisories predicting areas of probable severe thunderstorm activity and the estimated duration of such activity.

Tornado Warning

By definition, a tornado warning is an alert by the National Weather Service confirming a tornado sighting and location. The weather service will announce the approximate time of detection and direction of movement. Wind will be 75 mph or greater.

Public warning will come over the radio, TV or the Municipal Defense sirens. Should a severe storm or tornado occur, the following guidelines should be observed:

  • Move away from the exterior of the building to a corridor or elevation lobby.
  • As you move, try to close the doors of rooms which have windows. Also, be sure the door to your office is closed tightly, but not locked.
  • Shelter in the inner areas of the building, including stairwells, rest rooms, inner corridors, and conference rooms. Protect yourself by putting your head as close to your lap as possible or kneel protecting your head.
  • Stairwells are safe. If crowded, move down to a lower level for shelter. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.
  • DO NOT go to the first floor lobby or outside the building.
  • Keep your radio or television set tuned to a local station for information.
  • Do not use the telephone to get information or advice.
  • KEEP CALM. If you are trapped in an outside office, seek protection under a desk.
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