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A Safety Warden should be someone who is reliable, respected by the other employees within your firm, and capable of providing guidance in the event of a fire or other emergency. This individual should rarely travel and be familiar with the names and faces of all employees in your office. Your Office Manager or Personnel Manager, or both depending on the size of your firm, would probably be good candidates for Safety Warden. You should elect an Alternate for every Safety Warden.

The Safety Warden would be responsible for the development and implementation of your Fire Safety Program. This Program would include development of evacuation plans, assignment of fire-fighting responsibilities, training of employees in emergency response procedures, and practice of emergency procedures.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, this individual is in charge of the situation until Building Management arrives. The Safety Warden may also be responsible for ordering the evacuation of your space depending on the severity of the situation and the availability of other safety personnel.

The Safety Warden will also be a key contact for the Management Office in case of power failures, medical emergencies, or other emergency situations.

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