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The Tower Companies helps people create their own success by using green design as a starting point for engaging them in their surroundings – which in turn engages them in their work, their play, their purpose. Whether dramatic or subtle, the artistry and design elements of each building are intended to create harmony with its surroundings, and to create spaces that are as visually pleasing as they are functionally superior. The Tower Companies is a devoted green builder who’s worked to achieve balance in every building.

Being “Green” isn’t just about saving energy and the environment, it also involves being socially responsible.  The Tower Companies believes in a triple bottom line approach to doing business, which includes making decisions based on social, environmental, and economic benefits.    There is a strong business case for being socially responsible because it can have a positive impact on workspace productivity, building occupant happiness, brand differentiation, employee retention and attraction, operating costs and the bottom line.  Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives focus on the following:
Environmental Stewardship

According to the EPA, building in the United States account for approximately 40 % of total energy usage and green house gas emissions.   Since before 2000, The Tower Companies has made a serious commitment to take responsibility for the buildings for which we own and manage.    Our Sustainability strategy is to make our building operate as efficiency as possible by using tools such as LEED, Energy Start, Energy Management Systems, and client engagement.
Stakeholder Engagement

Green building starts with efficient use of resources. It moves to how the site selection, construction and ultimate operation affect the environment – today and for generations to come. But The Tower Companies has added another requirement to the picture: people. How individuals are impacted by the spaces they occupy, at any given moment in their day. How they feel, whether they’re inspired, what puts them in harmony with their surroundings. How effective they are – not just as employees, but as whole human beings.
Community Outreach

The Tower Companies believes in giving back to the community in which we operate.  We accomplish this mission by supporting local organizations through sponsorship, through charity giving, and by participating in hands on volunteering events through the area on an annual basis.

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