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The Tower Building utilizes Daylight Cleaning™, an innovative, sustainable cleaning program, proven to improve overall client satisfaction. Red Coats is the janitorial contractor and provides cleaning services at the building weekdays between 7 AM and 3:30 PM.

Benefits of the Daylight Cleaning™ program include:

  • Energy savings through reduced demand for lighting
  • Improved building security
  • Decreased staff turnover
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing an interactive cleaning environment
  • Improved consistency of cleaning services


All cleaning personnel wear distinct uniforms and display photo identification at all times. Routine cleaning is done during the day during work hours. The cleaning staff is trained to respect the private space around tenants and their work stations. If you would not like to be disturbed, please indicate this to the cleaning staff.

Typically, cleaning staff perform the following tasks daily around your work area:

  • Dust and spot clean on the way over to the trash can
  • Clean the trash can, replace trash can liner, if required
  • Dust and spot clean on the way out
  • If required, use a carpet sweeper to pick up soil from the office carpet

Additional areas serviced daily include conference rooms, pantries and restrooms.

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