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Main Entrance is secured (locked) at 6pm and unlocked at 6am.

Loading dock is locked from 6pm until 6am.  Deliveries can be made between 6am and 6pm 

Garage access is 24/7 with a Kastle key fob.   

The Tower Building is equipped with an access control system monitored by Kastle Systems. Your employees may gain access to the building during security hours with their Kastle cards/fobs.

Once you are inside the elevator, during the building secured hours, you must use your Kastle card/fob in order to proceed to your floor. Place your card/fob next to the card reader. The light on the reader will turn green, then press the elevator button to your floor until it lights and the elevator will take you to your floor. When traveling in a down direction, it is not necessary to use the card/fob. However, the card will not stop at any floor except the main lobby. Your Kastle card/fob is not necessary to operate the elevators during your building hours listed above unless you work on a secured floor.

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